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  1. Conservation Filmmakers

    by Conservation Media

    112 Videos / 72 Members

    This group, administered by ConservationMedia.com, is a dedicated place to share SHORT web films with STRONG STORYTELLING and HIGH PRODUCTION VALUE that are dedicated to worldwide conservation. It…

  2. Wildlife-film.com Members!

    by Wildlife-film.com

    126 Videos / 73 Members

    A place for Wildlife-film.com members to share their work and network...

  3. Wildlife Filmmakers

    by Peter Naylor

    3,234 Videos / 1,148 Members

    This is a group for all wildlife filmmakers to show off their films and to network with others in the field. A career in wildlife film production is a tough task, but on here you can chat to fellow…


    by valdi99

    99 Videos / 74 Members

    WILD NATURE means: no people, cars, buildings, zoo parks or stuff like that. Only pure nature filmed by us - humans. Some minor presence of artificial items are allowed - as far as it tells or completes…

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