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Jason Jenkins embarked on his production odyssey in 1998 with the highly acclaimed short film “Rumble in the Backyard”. (Okay, so it was only his buddies that liked it...) Carried by a wave of euphoria, he immersed himself in the black arts of video production. Four years later, he stumbled back into the sunlight and realized “I’m not a Jedi... yet.” Before long, he was accepted at a private college and learned his way to a BA in Digital Arts & Filmmaking. Earning a name as a crowd-pleasing creative, Jason produced work for; the Snohomish County Arts Council, The Everett Clinic, the Everett
Events Center, the Everett Silvertips and the City of Snohomish, among others. A consummate artist, Jason is constantly pushing his own limits. Whether it’s writing, shooting, directing or editing –he loves his work and loves to ‘wow’ his clients!

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