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I run One Take Productions which is based in St Helens, Merseyside, UK.

We produce & film promo videos, music videos, event coverage, corporate events and much more!

Based in St Helens, Merseyside and with 7 years of filming experience and ran by LJMU graduates we specialise in a host of services, all filmed using todays HD broadcast quality cameras. These range from covering corporate events to producing promotional videos and website virals for local councils, businesses and charities. We also offer a fantastic service to schools to film their nativities and plays. You can browse what we offer by navigating through the links at the top.

One Take also offer work to the public, consisting of Weddings and other celebratory occasions and events. Our fantastic wedding services can be found on our speciality website.

We have a brilliant track record with the local councils, schools and some local artists that we have worked with over the year. While also previously working with Channel 4 on "The Big Art Project".

All of our work is of the highest standard and is professionally filmed by highly talented and experienced camera operators, using the most up to date equipment that there is. All editing is done on state of the art software, used by today’s TV and Film industry.

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