Jasper Sharp

San Francisco, CA

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These videos showcase my work in the audio-visual world. This is where I upload work related projects and experimental videos.

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  • Soundcloud - Follow this link to listen to my music and mixes
  • Youtube - Follow this link to see more of my films


  1. Joe Talbot
  2. Victor Sastre
  3. Air Texture
  4. Deepblak
  5. Kristoffer Borgli
  6. Going Good Records
  7. Hai Art
  8. Matthew Biederman
  9. Max Winston
  10. Larkin Seiple
  11. Sabrina Ratté
  12. Jonah Sharp
  13. Jonas Grossmann
  14. Tim and Eric
  15. Adam Kennedy
  16. Bruno Ribeiro
  17. MUTEK
  18. Eric Wareheim

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