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Jato Unit former Liquid Factor is a Dance/House/DJ group made up of DJ Luciano, writer Claire and Singer Christina. dj Luciano is originally from Italy and has been DJing for 20 years,and worked in many night clubs around the World, also producing music for over 15 years.

Jato Unit main influences are based upon the European style dance music in general and they combine elements from the different styles.

Jato Unit has released several tracks that have reached top ten positions in the record pool charts in the USA, and have also received airplay in Europe, America and South America.

They currently have licensing deals with UK, SA, Nigerian,and Italy labels, and are collaborating on projects with other artists.

Jato Unit as many releases on WMA Music Recordings / Italo Rumble recordings / Play Top Records Recordings / blisscorporation Recordings

DJ Luciano/Producer/Composer
Claire/Lyricist Writer

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