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Jaume Viada studied cinema at CECC (Centre Estudis Cinematografics Catalunya) and at ISAEA (Institut Arts Escenicas Aplicadas) publicity at Createcnia, 3d animation at Tecnocampus (Mataró) some theater classes in different places and actually Dubbing at Escuela de Doblaje de Barcelona.
He makes by his own diferent animation shorts , videoart , musiclips , publicity and some collaboration with other visual artist on edditing and fx , during 1990 and 1994 he plays like an actor in many shortfilms and had played in the film "La memoria del Agua" of Hector Faver Official selection Cannes 1992.
Winner of the DEPROP FESTIVAL 2011 for the musicclip "Techno"
Winner of the Photocontest "Tu momento dulce" Casa Eceiza.
Shortlisted at Mofilm Sydney 2012 : Video Contest

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