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Catherine Jauniaux started out as an actress at the (tender) age of 16 with Roland Topor, in her native country Belgium. During the eighties she played and recorded with Aksak Maboul, The Work, Des Airs, Test Department, Tim Hodgkinson etc…

Often described as « one woman band » Her fascinating performances are a blend of gravity and humour, exploration of sound and emotion, abstraction and melody. She is often inspired by real or imaginary folk music from all over the world, but remains « more Grimms' fairy tales than ethnomusicology professor » according to the New York newspaper The Village Voice.

She has collaborated with an impressive list of musicians of the 'improv' scene and of avant-garde rock, including Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Aksak Maboul, The Work etc…

She left for New York in the late eighties to become « one of the most original personalities of the down town scene » (Village Voice) and worked with artists such as Marc Ribot, Chris Cockrane, Ken Jacob, Zeena Parkins, Christian Marclay… Ikue Mori, with whom she founded the duo Vibraslaps.

After settling in the south of France in 1995, she has varied her activities by initiating collaborations with European musicians (Sophie Agnel, Barre Phillips, Louis Sclavis, Etienne Delmas), choregraphers, dramatists (Heiner Goebbels, François Verret), avant-gard DJ (Otomo Yoshihide, eRikm), whilst continuing to develop her relationship with the New York scene (she often plays with Marc Ribot, Ikue Mori, Ned Rothenberg, Ted Reychman, Tatsuya Nakatani and regularly tops the bill at the club Tonic in NYC).


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