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Jay Dunn is a National Geographic award-winning American photojournalist represented by the Focus Agency in Hamburg, Germany. Specializing in stories that dignify the human struggle, he works with NGOs and social service groups to document on-the-ground conditions in education, poverty relief, crisis management and cultures in transition in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Currently working as a multimedia reporter with Gannett's Salinas Californian newspaper, he welcomes all press assignments, with top clients such as the Packard Foundation, the New York Times, National Public Radio, The Guardian, El Mundo and Survival International to his credit. From this experienced photographer, count on new media approaches to your project, an original viewpoint, and striking imagery from archives that include Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Burma, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China and Mexico.

A winner of multiple awards for photography including the First Prize from National Geographic Traveler, he has worked with a wide range of magazines. Creative multimedia projects on social justice for the Californian won several Gannett Awards of Excellence, including a First Place for photojournalism, Second Place overall in Best of Gannett, four Blue Ribbon Finalist awards from the California Newspaper Association's Better Newspapers Contest, and three top recognitions from the National Press Photographers Association. Mr. Dunn is the author of two anthologies - "Ritual and Romance in Asia: a photographer's journey," and "Agadez to Accra: from the deserts of Niger to the Gulf of Guinea."

"In the very humanity of a gesture, what I look for are the emotions we all share, the intimacy of friendship, or the pain of loss, an offering to the hungry, or hands clasped in prayer. But these fleeting seconds come and go, they are mercurial, inspiring, to be written over and forgotten or preserved forever behind glass, a captured flash of brilliance. To have stopped, when it was much easier to walk away, to have tried to make a difference, to have regarded the ways of others, and found lessons for my own life, these things alone keep open that elusive window, through which I hope a moment of truth may still be seen."

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