Jaye Neutron

Macon, Ga

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I'm a 24 year old music producer with a very diverse style in music. My first major placement was on Waka Flocka's Duflocka Rant Vol. 1 mixtape back in 2011. I produced tracks entitled "I'm from Grove St" & "Bicken Back Bein Bool". I am highly known for being very diverse with my sound of music and I'm very talented to create many other genres and sounds as well.

A lot of people know me from a team of southern music producers called "808 Mafia". Right now I am currently undergoing my own team of producers that will be able reach different markets of music and fulfill many different types of music for many artists, musicians, labels, DJ's, etc...

I strongly believe that there is a major difference between making music that "Hot" and making music that is a "Hit". Anything can sound good, but does that make it a hit record?

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