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    INFO: Back in 2002 Oskar Wrangö started to make juggling related films with his juggler friends. He called it VISIONBOT. Hold on for old dusty juggling films to be shared again in crappy quality! VISIONBOT RELEASES: 9 – 1 NORDIC OBJECTS VSNBT MNPLTN SRS 1 – The Harbour VSNBT MNPLTN…

  2. Chaos Chaos

    Chaos Chaos Brooklyn, NY


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    Chaos Chaos is a Brooklyn based sister duo; Asy and Chloe formerly of Smoosh. Chaos Chaos will be releasing their EP titled 'S' October 16th 2012, single 'My Hands' September 15th along with a music video September 24th. 'This was the most fun and diverse record we've ever…

  3. Max Weisel
  4. Team RdL

    Team RdL


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    RdL imagines and constructs new conceptual juggling equipment. The point, circle and line are represented by the ball, the ring and the club. We are on a quest to find the 4th shape. Along the way we hope to build a community and context of friends, family and freedom.

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