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Jay McGee is a native Texan (from Fort Worth) living in Tampa, FL with a BFA in Digital Video Production.

For information on Eon Sea Productions email: eon.sea.productions@gmail.com

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  1. This is a slide show of Arias' and my wedding - compiled and edited by Ray Reyes with photography by Ray Reyes, Nate Frias, Edwin Fajardo. Thank you so much guys - you really took some beautiful photos of our day!
  2. ArthMawr commented on No Man Believes
    The last scene with Gil and Leon was truly excellent. It was great to watch them work through it. A real education in the art of writing, acting and directing and how it all comes together. Thanks for the opportunity.
  3. great job guys.... you can really tell a difference between watching this version and the one that was screened Thursday. The colors really pop and the shots look amazing. Great job all around.... can't wait for the next project! (Jay)