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Hey Friends! Just a bit about myself, my name is Jonathan Blight and I am 17 and based in Brisbane. I have always had a strong passion for anything creative! Music, Design, Video and Photography. Here is just smidge of my creativity for you guys to check out.

Callout: goes to Models, Designers and other creatives who would like to work with me. Looking to build a portfolio so if you are interested, contact me by phone: 0404 180 983 or via email: jb.choose.life@gmail.com

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  1. THIS IS AWESOME JONATHAN! You and Tiama need to collaborate more often this is just perfection! :) Hope you do another one soon! Well done.
  2. JUST AWESOME JONATHAN! Can't wait to see your final product!! Tiama the star again? Hahaha! She's a great pick for these things!! What program are you using to edit?