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Whether he’s spinning eclectic tunes at New York city hot spots like Gild Hall, coordinating tours for Shady/G-Unit or working to connect buyers to both emerging and esteemed designers such as John Varvatos, Jay White continues to make a name for himself with his extensive background in marketing and entertainment. In 2009, Jay started White Market Productions – a branding and event production company composed of a network of associates from a range of creative fields. Jay has built a reputation as a discerning event producer. His natural propensity to energize premier New York nightclubs has become a marketable commodity. His work with Apothéke bar, has helped change Chinatown into a busy nightlife destination in New York.

Jay White made his mark on New York’s bustling fashion industry as Project Manager and Assistant Show Director for ENK Tradeshows Men’s Division. During his two years with the company, White maintained relationships with both sponsors and exhibitors including fashion giants Calvin Klein, Converse by John Varvatos, People’s Revolution, and DNR Magazine and playing an instrumental role in the tradeshow’s growth, identifying areas for improvement and implementing innovative business concepts.

White began his entertainment career with a stint at Shady Records, working closely with Senior Marketing officials and A&R executives to fine-tune his marketing and promotion skills. He went on to assume an artist management position with Golitah Artists/ALC Records, notably managing operations for Shady/G-Unit Anger Management Tour. While at Golitah /ALC, White was also responsible for coordinating publicity for the label’s record releases, securing features in publications including XXL, The Source, and Elemental.

Jay White currently resides in Brooklyn, New York

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