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Young enthusiastic female filmmaker, fresh out of education. I adopted filming on the Canon 5Dmkii in 2011, due to it stunning image quality in comparison to other camera in a similar price range. I aspire to be a underwater videographer, i just need to finish training and get some gear.

In summer 2011 I was Co DoP on BYFAs Henry iv ptii, it was a great experience working on my first feature film, i'm pretty happy with how it looks. I also worked as Co DOP on the BYFAs modern adaptation of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, rename Olivia. I'm not trying to secure my first paid video/ film job.

Over the past year i've been working with my peers, on a documentary about Taxidermy. It took us to a fair few locations, in the UK and to Austria for the world title championships. I hope to get a teaser up while we're entering festivals.

I don't feel I shoot any where near as much as i should... I might star a project called "A Day", these pieces of moving image will be self indulgent montages of places i go and things i fancy testing.

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