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Jazzez Jones, is a native of Louisiana. After serving in the United States Army for over 4 years, he moved to Virginia where he raised his six year old son as a single-parent until he met the love of his life and married. He and his wife, Chastity, now have three beautiful additions to their family and one hamster named Ruby.
Jazzez is an MBA graduate of Regent University who is employed as a marketing director for a local non-profit. While working on a capital campaign project, he worked with a team in using film as a communication tool, and realized how effective it was and that he had a knack for it.

The first solo project Jazzez wrote, photographed, and edited was "Message Received," a film that won him Audience Favorite in Regent's Reel Dreams Film Contest in 2011. This enabled him to attend Regent's MFA program in the pursuit of establishing himself as a director, writer, and in the hopes of one day directing a feature length 'Hollywood' film.

He wants to tell stories that linger with people, stories that move them.

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