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Jacquie Bazinet Tolson began her career as a news editor at San Diego's XETV Fox 6 in 1999 and by 2007 was a producer of Local Programming at XETV, creating documentaries that dealt with social and medical issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, STD's and HIV, teen pregnancy and ovarian cancer.
In 2010 she was hired to shoot and edit for "San Diego's Most Wanted - The FBI Files". She worked closely with law enforcement to produce feature pieces in each weekly show until the show's cancellation in Dec of 2012. She then took the position of news photojournalist and ENG Operator for KSWB Fox 5 News in San Diego. She is currently a Senior Producer/Editor of Visual Communications for Solar Turbines Incorporated

She earned her Bachelor's degree from San Diego State University, majoring in Television, Film and Media.


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