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Los Angeles, CA

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Born in Los Angels, California, Jason’s passion for filmmaking began at an early age when in 1999 he won the first CineVagas Youth in Film competition. Jason is a graduate of The School of Visual Art’s Directing program. His thesis film, "Contrition", was winner of VisionFest’s “Most Promising Filmmaker” award (2010). From 2009 to 2011, Jason produced En Pantalla, a weekly television program about cinema for V-Me Media Inc., one of the largest Spanish television networks in the country. In 2011, Jason founded Arco Pictures and began work on Americano, his first feature film. In 2013, "Americano" premiered at the United Film Festival - New York where it received the Audience Award for Narrative Feature. Jason currently works as a freelance editor while starting pre-production on his second feature, a crime-drama called, "Blue Christmas".


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