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Jeremy Berger is a writer, director, and producer in New York City. He grew up in and around Utica, NY, which is the home of the first mental institution in the United States. This may/may not explain certain characteristics of his behavior and personality. After winning the Circle Award for Excellence and graduating from Pratt Institute in 2000, Jeremy has freelanced for a variety of clients both small and large. He has written over thirty short film scripts, produced three, and has recently begun development work for his first feature film. Jeremy started working with Tallboy Films in 2003, editing and producing a number of award-winning commercials and brand films. Currently, he is a producer and editor for NBC's Open House.

Jeremy’s work is currently showing at festivals, theaters, as well as the Upright Citizens Brigade. He lives with his fiancée, a cat, and an engulfing sense of self-importance.

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