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Jeff “J. Boogie” Kelley started dancing at a very young age, drawing his inspiration from watching Michael Jackson music videos. Throughout his career, he has won countless competitions and battles, such as the 4-time champion of the Summer Jam competition and the 2-time champion of the Rep Yo City competition where he was also made an honorary competitor. He has also performed for and with a lot of mega stars of the dance world such, as Shane Sparks in the Key Club performance for Angel Faith, Dave Scott, Wade Robinson in the hit TV show Dance 360. J. Boogie has also performed for many other mega stars such as a production with the G-Unit tour, Ginuwine, B2K, TG4, Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, and the number one artist in the world, Usher. J. Boogie played one of the lead characters, Tyrone in the hit musical “Fame” where he was able to showcase his natural acting ability . J. Boogie was asked to honor the late Greg “Campbellock” Jr. from the world famous group, The Lockers, in a tribute performance at his memorial service for friends and family. J. Boogie also participated in the fundraising event with the Groovaloos to benefit Steelo Vasquez which he says was one of the most amazing things he was able to be a part of. To go along with his many dancing accomplishments, J. Boogie is a member of LXD where he is a featured performer.

His love for entertaining allows him to uplift and captivate entire arenas of people of all walks of life. He is an amazing host/MC/hype man with no shortage of energy and a personality that’s bigger than life. Due to his many skills as a dancer, MC, hype man, actor, model, and vocalist, J. Boogie has become one of the most versatile and powerful performers in the entertainment community.

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