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  1. Save our Environment

    by Dot Eco joined

    2,344 Videos / 1,144 Members

    The initiative has the official support of leading scientists, ecological and philanthropic groups, as well as high- profile environmentally conscious individuals. Our goal is to use the .eco…


    by ZANIMOTION joined

    10.3K Videos / 2,126 Members

  3. 3D/2D Animation

    by Sebastian Luedke joined

    32.3K Videos / 7,831 Members

    Hi there, since I started this group it has been nearly 6years. Since that time it grew constantly. I will try to keep a certain quality standard and filter out some videos or some others which…

  4. Motion Graphics

    by Cagri Cesmeci joined

    16.4K Videos / 4,100 Members

    Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

  5. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    51.7K Videos / 12.9K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  6. Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

    by Christer Dahl - CineView Media joined

    8,153 Videos / 2,724 Members

    For all Aerial Photo/Video addicted people... PS, ONLY AERIAL MOVIE CLIPS RECORDED FROM ACTUAL AIRCRAFT/AERIAL DEVICES. NOT from your seat in an commercial airplane... Also no videos of your gear…

  7. DSLR Flix

    by CreativeDirector.me joined

    14K Videos / 3,995 Members

    The beauty of DSLR Cinematography! We love the new DSLR movie modes!!!! Viva Dslr cinephotography! ( currently the Nikon D90, D300s, D5000 Canon 5d mark II have movie modes) We also don't…

  8. Cinephotographers.

    by Cinephotographer joined

    36.6K Videos / 9,151 Members

    This group is specifically for all Artists and Photographers turned cinematographers (or anyone who shoots amazing dslr cinematography). http://www.facebook.com/DslrFlix

  9. Nikon D7000

    by Steve "Outstanding" Osemwenkhae joined

    765 Videos / 307 Members

    Films.Short Stories. and pretty much any video projects created with the Nikon D7000. We want everyone to share their ideas, give ideas, and show your work.

  10. Cinemaphotography

    by Maarten Toner joined

    4,005 Videos / 1,022 Members

    Cinematic stuff shot with a photo cameras!

  11. Nikon Cinema

    by Tristan Cezair joined

    3,276 Videos / 1,313 Members

    Nikon DSLR cinematography showcases videos shot with ALL the various Nikon DSLR cameras.. D90 D300s D5000

  12. timelapse

    by Maarten Toner joined

    20.6K Videos / 9,794 Members

    This is the timeLapse group for all your timelapse videos. Anyone can add videos, if possible please add timelapse info. To learn more about TimeLapse this is a great site to start: http://www.prestonkanak.com/extensive-raw-time-lapse-tutorial/ the…

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