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As JCon Tools launches into the market, it is important for you to know that our roots are two generations deep in the construction industry. Our innovations have been conceived on job sites and developed to surpass the rigorous demands of the construction and industrial industries, as well as the demands of DIYers alike. The founder and inventor of JCon Tools and the NGAGE, Sean Walsh, worked as a second generation master carpenter and builder for 17 years. While working, Sean was always looking for better ways to accomplish the tasks at hand. Throughout the years Sean has thought up a multitude of new tool innovations. The first of these tools is the JCon NGAGE.

Taking the approach that nothing is good enough until it can't get any better, the JCon team has worked relentlessly to develop the NGAGE into the Ultimate Tool Holding Solution. To accomplish this task, the team set out to develop a product not designed to fail so that customers have to buy another. Rather, we developed a one of a kind, all-in-one, tool holder and tool securing device that solves all major power tool holding and securing issues. To do this JCon chose top quality steel with a Black Nickel plating, a stainless steel tightening band with a high end rubberized powder coating, and Polyurethane plastic (aka the best plastic available) to construct the NGAGE. We are committed to provide tools that are unsurpassed in design and function—while being able to go the distance! At JCon, we want our actions to speak louder than our words. For that reason, the NGAGE comes fully backed with a two year warranty.

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