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  1. Baraka & Samsara

    Baraka & Samsara PRO Everywhere


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    Official Vimeo for Magidson Films, creators of Samsara, Baraka, Chronos, and Toward the Within

  2. Iva Hristova-Nikolova

    Iva Hristova-Nikolova Sofia, BULGARIA


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    M.Sc. in “Ecology and Environmental Conservation” (2002, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University ). Since 2013 Managing Director of "Biota Films" Ltd. production company specialized in creation of wildlife documentaries. A certificate for "cameraman mastership" from the Bulgarian…

  3. Kingofpunk

    Kingofpunk Paris, France


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    Hi I am King of Punk, I am a director and author, I use many kind of cameras and softwares but mine is a Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k MFT that I use with a Tokina 11-16 mm modded by GLOPtics, a RED Prime Lens 18 mm, a Sigma 8mm (soon modded). I edit on Adobe Premiere CC and do all my effects with…

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