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New York / Seattle

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John Criscitello b.1967 Ithaca New York is a multi media video artist .He has exhibited his work internationally in numerous group and solo exhibitions. John began working with video in 1992. He specializing in video installation and exterior video projection and founded the quarterly screening of video and short film call Video/Art/Ithaca. John is also a 2010 New York Foundation of the Arts MARK Video Artist.


Munson Williams Proctor School of Art 1990-92 Utica New York

John H. Loy Honors Award in Painting

Areas of Specialization

Video Art., Video Installation , Digital Media

Recent Exhibitions 2010-11

Exquisit Corpse Video Project Brazil

In The Morning /Collaborative Video Project Syracuse New York

MT_VU Mobile Terrorist Video Unit/Exterior Projection Masonic Temple Ithaca NY

Max Bonk Envoy Gallery NYC

Blinking Lights Gallery Brooklyn NYC

Video/Art/Ithaca Winter 09 Ithaca New York

Human Emotion Project Torino Italy

State OF the Art Gallery Invitational Ithaca New York

The Working Relationship Cornell University Ithaca New York

CSMA Blue Blood Exterior Projection Ithaca New York

Requiem For Analog Television Noise Cornell University

Atrium Gallery Video Installation University of Western Michigan Frostic School of Art Kalamazoo MI

Maipulated Image The Complex Santa Fe New Mexico

Scope at Basel Art Fair Basel Switzerland

Visual Container .Box Gallery Milano Italy

Push/Pull @Open Space Seattle Washington

Retinal Masturbation Technician
Cutting up VHS since 1992
Quarterly Screenings V/A/I
Aiming Toward Disintegration
Not Falling Victim To The Learning Curve
Proud To Have Survived The 80's
Post American Advocate
Chewing Up Dogma/And Spiting It Out
Kicked Opiates
Gimme Coffee
Earned A Huge Loft, But No Letters
Mentor The Misunderstood
Quantum Everything
Chance ,Choice And The Influence Of Others
'72 Telecaster Deluxe RI
Eugenics And Experimental Parenting
Analog To Digital
Warrior Three

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