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James Crist (J. Crist) is an American recording artist from Los Angeles, California. Originally from "The Region" (Northwest Indiana), his musical style is a mixture of Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, and Pop combined with powerful and dynamic vocals that immediately grab your attention with every verse, bridge, and chorus.
His love for music started at an early age…recording songs in his bedroom…singing and using Frisbees as percussion. In 2003, he signed a distribution deal that gave him the leverage to sell his first music CD “16 Weeks” throughout national Best Buy locations.
In January 2011, J released "Grown Man Street"—an independently distributed album recorded and mastered by Chris Steinmetz—whose credits include Madonna, Limp Bizkit, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Smashing Pumpkins, and Lil' Jon.
As of July 2011, "Grown Man Street" has sold tens of thousands in CDs and downloads from Best Buy, iTunes, Amazon, and local retail outlets. The song "Gimme a Minute" featuring Twista has gained national attention with its heavy-hitting beats, bass guitar riffs, and explosive lyrical delivery that J. Crist and Twista unleash. It appeared on Coast 2 Coast mixtapes Vol 153 alongside Eminem, Lil Wayne, and B.O.B.
Since "Grown Man Street" J. Crist has also released several singles this year. The trunk banging "Unf**kinbelievable" has been played on Eminem's XM radio station Shady45, and is also in heavy rotation on Unsigned Hype's top ten list—which has already reached #3 at the time of this synopsis. In addition, "Unf**kinbelievable" was Allhiphop.com's Heater of the Day in May 2011.
The politically driven (and controversial) song/video "Seven Seas" was released in June 2011. The video (available on YouTube) emulates a CNN broadcast and exposes national headlines that most Americans overlook in our everyday busy lives. The video incorporates scenes from John Carpenter's 1988 film "They Live" and focuses on the actuality that Americans are becoming culturally ignorant—eventually leading to being monitored and completely controlled by the government.
At a time where music is dithering between contemporary genres, J. Crist brings emotion and energy back into the music scene... establishing a new sound for the new generation. From his mind-altering metaphors to his powerful, emotional delivery, J’s aggressive melodic flow takes contemporary Hip Hop, Rock, and Pop to a whole new level.
Take time to listen to J. Crist: the new sound for the new genre.

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