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Movie Trailer Editor, Filmmaker

For over 10 years, J.D. Funari has worked in Los Angeles as a TV & film editor on projects for a number of major networks, studios, and filmmakers.

2010 marked J.D.'s first feature length movie, the screenwriting documentary Tales from the Script, directed by Peter Hanson and released theatrically by First Run Features. The movie was praised by national critics, earning a 75% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, featured on Leonard Maltin's TV show Secret's Out, and recommended on Twitter by Iron Man director Jon Favreau.

In 2011, he joined acclaimed trailer editor Skip Chaisson's company Skip Film, where he enjoyed opportunities to work on campaigns for Gravity, The Life of Pi, and The Dark Knight Rises among others.

Currently, J.D. is an editor at Mark Woollen & Associates, one of the premiere movie marketing agencies in Los Angeles. He has edited Key Art and Golden Trailer award winning trailers for the movies Birdman, Enemy, Bad Words, Don Jon, Only God Forgives, and Simon Killer.

Most recently his editorial can be seen in campaigns for Room, Sicario, Fifty Shades of Grey, Ex Machina and Birdman.

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