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Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, and Producer, Jeanine Del Carlo’s message embodies girl power, love, and truth.
In July 2011,October 2012, and September 2013 Del Carlo’s songs Definition Diva ©, Memories ©, Goddess ©, and The Climb © were placed on the TNT’s number 1 hit TV show Rizzoli and Isles. Del Carlo is honored to be an ASCAP publisher and writer through Warner Music.
Jeanine's 2nd and latest album "Never Giving Up" © is available to purchase on I Tunes along with past recordings. She is in rehearsals preparing for live concerts around the United States as well as finishing up her 3rd album due out in June 2015.
Del Carlo’s Lyrics advocate a healthy fun lifestyle through fitness, dance, kindness, and being true to your heart.
Del Carlo sang for the opening episode of Plastic Wives airing on TLC in January of 2013.
Del Carlo has graced the stages of some of the most prestigious venues in Los Angeles. Opening for acts like Ryan Cabrera and Miguel. Some stages include The House of Blues, The Viper Room, The Whisky A Go Go, The Rainbow Room, Bardot, Harvelle’s, and The Key Club.
From the age of 5 Del Carlo describes a deep connection with music and dance. Albums that inspired her career include Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous albums. Her father John Del Carlo who is an Opera singer reinforced Del Carlo’s love for music. “There was always music on when I would come home, I loved that about my childhood.” Del Carlo

“I believe more then ever now the world is at a crucial point to come together and heal. I feel art and music are here to help society in a time of change.” Del Carlo
“In my music I reflect a deep connection with 80’s and 90’s music, it was such an experimental era where artists were free to express creation with never before heard sounds. I was and am a huge fan of Michael Jackson, Sade, Stevie Wonder, and Timbaland.” Del Carlo
Stage production and lyrics are designed with bright colors and inspiring words to em power self respect and love.
“I love to challenge myself as an artist when it comes to connecting with my audience through different costumes, heartfelt lyrics, and musical arrangements. I like to make people smile.” Del Carlo
The complexity of Del Carlo’s soul was shaped with the death of her Mom at age 19.
“When my Mom died a part of me also died. For many years I didn’t allow my feelings to release, I was numb. I was self abusive and deeply depressed. A reason why today my lyrics focus on self expression, being present, and cherishing moments with the people you love because life is short. Live it up!” Del Carlo
The generations that are taking over have large roles to fill in society, “My message shares with people to nurture others but maintain unconditional self love first. We still have a long way to come as far as letting people live in freedom. I hope my music can help.” Del Carlo

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