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As a self-made artist, he took his first shots to get out of boredom. He captures the movement of life in its every day routine, its celebrations, its exorcism or in the agony of time making thus short films and video-poems. The mouvement in architecture. He was the associate photographer of Villa Noailles for two years. The Villa used to be the residence of the De Noailles sponsors and, in the nineteen twenties, the gathering of the avant-gardist artists such as Giacometti,Cocteau,Picasso,Dali,Bunuel and Man Ray who shot his first movie entittled, in1928, "Les mystères du chateau du Dé".

In 2004, he was in charge of the making of an interview with an architect, Rudy Ricciotti. First steps with a movie camera. The interview turns into a documentary in which JLC fims the architect and the movements of his construction lines. The film was released in a DVD and the dialogue between the artist and the camera is open up.

The movement of dancers. He has taken photos of dancing for long. He has been co-working with the artist SR for four years and their latest project -a dance-video-went through festivals all over Europe and Asia before being shown in a a movie theatre.
The movements of concerts. In 2005, he co-founded The MIDI festival. Meaning south of France- a festival of independent music he followed until 2009. He also makes video clips as for the Belgian-German band Super Reverb .And more.
When he is asked about the influences on his work, he will quote no craft artistes but rather musicians like Felt,Durutti Column,Joy Division…

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