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Give me Pay$0z! That’s what many folks will be screaming when they are introduced to the tantalizing lyrics of this smooth lyrical artist with a different hype to his swagger. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with. His lyrical style is captivating.

His name is Pay$0z; pronounced “Pesos” like that of the Mexican currency; however, Pay$0z welcomes all currency. The name was lifted from a bar in one of Jay-Z’s rhymes; Pay$0z flipped the line and infected it with his own style. He asserts that he was thinking of a verse Jay-Z stated, “Jay Hov/ ‘bout to change my name to Jay Pesos,” and after hearing these lines, Pay$0z decided that day upon the name “Pay$0z.”

Born in Haiti as Jeff Chery (Pay$0z), he later migrated to the U.S. as a young child. The memories of his native Haiti plagues him as he interjects that “when you step off the plane it’s hard to breathe already because the air is so thick. People walk around naked because they have no clothes, you see females taking showers in the streets, and animals out there walking and you see their bones through their skin because they are so hungry. My father brought me out there to see how the life is so I knew to get my mind focused.”

Although he has that “chill Brooklyn swagger,” parallel to Jay-Z or Fabulous, he is easily as comfortable flowing over bass-heavy, southern-fried beats as he is discusses world politics. Altered like the spelling of his name, Pay$0z has a distinctive yet versatile style influenced by the rowdy part flair of the ATL, but with the grit of Brooklyn’s most thorough streets. Through the hardships and the hopes of his native Haiti, Pay$0z has evolved into an artist with an enigmatic and unforgettable vibe.

Growing up in New York, a young Pay$0z was caught up in the all too typical truant lifestyles of many Brooklyn youth. Eventually his antics caused his family to book him a ticket south away from the bright lights and easy excitement of New York City. During his stay on the outskirts of Atlanta, Pay$0z was easily able to focus on his craft. While he was always a star in the making, he inevitably always captivated schoolyard fans with his cool slick flows that left crowds with an insatiable taste for his lyrics. Despite being actively schooled in the streets, Pay$0z maintained a stellar academic record in high school. By the close of his high school career, he was accepted on a Mathematics Scholarship to attend St. John’s University where he planned to major in Business Administration.

However, at the urging request of a close friend and future manager, Teks, Pay$0z took his street earnings to build a recording studio, thus, marking the beginnings of conquering the recording industry. After recording scores of tracks, Pay$0z released his first mixed tape “Ahead of the Game” (2005) followed by “Last of a Dying Breed” (2006), which got shine on MTV’s Mix tape Monday and a banging review from Pay$0z also consistently knocked down opponents on’s indie battle section, “The Come Up” for five consecutive months. All this packed in at the ripe age of 19.

In December 2007, Pay$0z released his anticipated mix tape “Cheating on New York,” which is a collection of Pay$0z’ signature New York rhymes over down south beats. This mix tape was a unique concept that united the grimy slickness of New York (Hip Hop’s birthplace) with the rugged crunkness of the southern sound that currently charts the rap game.

Pay$0z has finished his fourth product called “The Corporate Takeover,” which shows another side of his unique versatile rap style. This digital release reveals how much he has evolved as an artist, from upbeat anthems, to more sentimental reflective pieces. This digital release is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and Amazon. If that isn’t enough, Pay$0z has also acquired a ring tone deal with Boost Mobile and Verizon. Pay$0z continues to have many online interviews and features in magazines such as Spate. He has relocated to Atlanta where he is performing and has made significant tracks with artists such as Ransom and Panama a.k.a. “The Spanish Kid.”

Recently, Pay$0z has been in the studio working on his next product with Producer Lee Hendrickson of the Band TXRX and super Producer/Engineer Joel Mullis who has also done work for Soldier Boy, Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy, etc. He indicates that his next release “is very different with a cross-over hip hop feel to it,” but interjects that, “it’s coming out pretty amazing!” He also informs that he has been performing at various locations in the Atlanta area such as Café 290, Club Crucial (Rap Artist TI’s Club), Club Karizma, and is currently awaiting a special performance at the Fox Theatre.

Pay$0z is the name to be on the look out for. According to his fans, he has that realness that cannot be replicated or denied. Influenced by artists such as Common and Biggie, Pay$0z is an emcee bringing more to the table than the average rapper. He is a fire-spitting hip-hop mercenary with plans to conquer all entertainment genres; from music to acting to fashion. It is his hooks and swagger that will captivate you and draw you in, but it is his clever intellect that will keep you coming back. As Pay$0z puts it, “”my mind exceeds the box that everyone’s trapped in.”

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