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Jeff Hoopingarner is an award winning multimedia producer/director with over twenty years of experience in video and film production. Jeff began a career in video production as a United States Air Force as a combat camera videographer. This endeavor took him all over the world documenting United States military exercises and operations. He was considered one of the top videographers in the military and won many awards including 1994 military videographer of the year award . As an aerial videographer, he had back-seat rides in USAF F-15 and F-16 high-performance aircraft. After serving four years of Air Force Active duty, Jeff went on to serve in the Air Force Reserve and Oklahoma Air national Guard. In this time he not only served as an assistant editor for various A&E channel documentaries but worked on a wide variety of industrial film and video productions. In 2001, Jeff joined the Federal Aviation Administrations Media Solutions team in Oklahoma City as a Producer/Director. Among various other US Government training productions, Jeff produced a nine-part training series for FAA Air Traffic Controllers entitled "Back to Basics". This series won many industry awards and was hailed by FAA Air Traffic Organization as revolutionizing Air Traffic Controller training videos by combining entertainment with education. In his time with the FAA, Jeff managed the FAA video team and transitioned the facility from standard definition to High Definition. In early 2011 Jeff and his family moved back to his home town of Enid Oklahoma to be closer to family and improve the “quality of life” for his 3 boys. Jeff Hoopingarner continues is “raising the bar” in quality video production with his company, Raptor Media Group.

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