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Jeff Horwath Family Builders – Tradition of Excellence

Jeff Horwath Family Builders is a family home building business. Over 20 years ago Jeff Horwath started building houses. Through good markets and bad Jeff Horwath has been consistently building homes and making customers happy. Starting with your first introduction to Jeff Horwath Family Builders you can sense there is something different about this builder. A steady course, long-term committed staff and great designs has made Jeff Horwath a household name through Milwaukee, the surrounding counties and lake country.

Our Mission: With an emphasis on beauty in space and design, a Jeff Horwath home will be build at the highest level using trusted partners. Our communication, attention to detail and commitment to customer happiness is what will keep us building homes for generations.

There are many good builders in Metropolitan Milwaukee, but none quite like Jeff Horwath Family Builders, Inc., serving Waukesha county and portions of adjacent counties. Take a minute to consider our story, and see if we might be the right builder for you.