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Regardless of the project, he strives to affect the viewer on a subliminal level - along with a strong creative intuition for visual arts, his work often evokes a sensual and dramatic flair, favoring raw, bold, and striking imagery with a touch of melancholic beauty.

This page is a collection of film projects he has been a part of

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  1. Damien Krisl
  2. Thomas Dagg
  3. Decapod
  4. Leonardo Dalessandri
  5. Kenneth Bauer
  6. Matt & Koya
  7. Sean Stiegemeier
  8. Timelapse Media
  9. Greg Kadel Studios
  10. VideoNerve
  11. AsteriskMedia
  12. alieneye
  13. Nick Enriquez
  15. Peter Strauss
  16. Eliot Rausch
  17. Matthew Vongphinith
  18. Ellen von Unwerth

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