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Patrick Croes is born in 1980 and lives at Brussels. At the age of 15, realized many wall paintings at his own or with some friends mainly in Belgium ( Athens, Toulouse, Brussels, Liège, Waterloo, Charleroi ).
At the same time he realizes paintings, photography and videos for different exibitions ( Vienna, Brussels, Liège ). Patrick is also "VJ" for several events and parties ( Rome, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Liège).
His last videos are a reflexion on the picture's statute and function. He takes distance with the cold and abstract aspect of technicity to reach the core of a free and melancholic figuration. Gleaned pictures are mixted with family and self-portraits using graphism, drawing and film techniques, including 8mm, camera and vidéo, An impression of chaos first strikes the observer and quickly turns into an amazing kaleidoscope of emotions including intimacy, melancholy, memory of the past and finally humour.

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