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JELLYSQUARE is a San Francisco based creative retouching studio founded in 2002.
We offer everything from pre-shoot conceptualizing and technical consultation to creative retouching, photo-illustration,
pre-press and fine-art printing. Our focus is on adding creativity and technical expertise to all our projects and delivering outstanding images to our clients.

JELLYSQUARE was founded in 2002 by Erik Pawassar. Erik moved to the US from Germany in 1994 and previously worked as an
editorial and advertising photographer. He then merged his extensive knowledge of capture, lighting and black-and-white printing into the art of digital retouching.
Over the last 10 years he has worked on countless projects with some of the most renowned advertising agencies and photographers. He has recently partnered
up with Giovanna Giordano ( who came to the US from Italy in 2005. Giovanna has over 10 years of experience as a retoucher and 
brings with her a strong fine arts painting and illustration background.

We’ve put pimples on faces, whales into clouds, guys into shoeboxes, girls over strips of bacon and, yes, we have even put Zebras on parachutes and we
know that sometimes that is what needs to be done to create a smashing image. A visual challenge is a good challenge and we enjoy putting our minds together to
figure out a way to make it visually exciting. We work side by side at our office in the center of San Francisco, bouncing ideas back and forth, and with the 
exception of the time during world cup soccer it’s a smooth process... 

These videos show the process of our work.

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