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Jenavi is the largest bijouterie production enterprise in Russia. The company was founded in 1991 in Saint Petersburg, the capital of the jeweler’s art. Thanks to its highly professional team, this firm quickly grew into a large production and distribution company that employs more than 500 employees today.

Jenavi’s bijouterie quickly gained popularity not only in Russia, but abroad as well. These high quality products are well loved by the women of Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

КWhen production began to expand, the firm acquired the building of the old Petersburg Etalon Factory. Many of the factory’s employees went back to work, and the historical name Etalon was reborn in the logo on the company’s bijouterie, ETALON-JENAVI.
In 2011, after 20 years, the company conducted a rebranding, changing the logo and name from ETALON-JENAVI to Jenavi.
НToday Jenavi is a leading producer and distributor of bijouterie to Russian and foreign markets. The company has its own retail network in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, as well as a large network of dealers, amounting to over 400 stores and retail points in various cities and countries.

The basic idea behind the company is stylish design and a jeweler’s approach to producing bijouterie. A hypoallergenic galvanic covering with precious metals (24 karat gold, 999.9 standard silver, rhodium) is used for the jewelry production.

Every month, the Jenavi company releases 2-3 new collections. These pieces are developed by the Northern capital’s best designers, and the product range now includes more than 30,000 items.

A sense of happiness and inspiration makes every woman strikingly beautiful, transfigured, blossoming! In search of a source of inspiration, every day women open up a glamorous and spellbinding world of Jenavi bijouterie. Jenavi pieces are a mark of beauty, love and happiness that the company offers to the world!