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My name is Jeff Jenkins I am from Cypress, Texas, I have been living here for about fourteen years now and I am attending school at the University of Houston. I am who I am today because of the love and support from my family.
I always dreamt of racing my bike like Moto GP riders Ben Spies and Colin Edwards so inevitably about three years ago out of sheer luck I found out one of my good friends rode track days quite frequently. He got me out to a track day and once I had a taste of the track, riding took on a whole new meaning. From that day forward I started attending track days regularly, on average three times per month. Within those three years I had started filming my track sessions with a GoPro camera in order to critique myself. After a while I started posting my full track sessions on YouTube for others to see, I quickly realized people were only interested in seeing the high lights in my footage. In turn I started making highlight reel style videos which became quite popular.
In May of 2013 I began making custom track day videos for others. Using them in order to promote their abilities as racers and to showcase my skills as a film maker. With the encouragement of my peers, I followed this passion and it led me to create Jenk’s Productions.
In essence Jenk’s Production is a one man band production company where the main goal is to film, edit and produce one of a kind, fully custom videos. Focusing on capturing and transferring important concepts into video to ensure a consistent and relevant final product. The videos I am able to produce range from but are not limited to: On-board action camera highlight videos, product reviews, promotional videos for events or services and documentaries.


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