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I manage 6 other artists in the Creative Department at theScore Television Network. Together we work on all creative elements required by the network. This is a small sample of projects I have personally worked on over the years.


  1. Paul Steinberg
  2. Amador Valenzuela
  3. SMT
  4. Jason Walker
  5. Colin Hesterly
  6. Greyscalegorilla
  7. Romain Cousin
  8. Nate Salciccioli
  9. Brian McCauley
  10. Naranja y Canela
  11. Troika
  12. Chris Kirkwood
  13. Justin Gundlock
  14. Mat O'Neill
  15. We Are Royale
  16. Shilo
  17. Ben Blanchard
  18. Mike Tinning

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