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JAB Films, LLC is Jenna's new film production company. "Our goal is to create films and videos that showcase the human experience and human spirit, to make connections with other people through our art, and in doing so capture the very essence of what life is all about." We specialize in corporate web commercials, music videos, and other video projects.

Internet advertising and video is vital for any business to connect with those they serve. JAB Films approaches these videos from a more personal standpoint, giving your business or idea that human feel that blurs the line between company and consumer. We explore the waters of the visual, emotional, and musical to connect these elements and create a memorable and powerful piece of art.

A graduate from TCNJ with a BA in Communications TV/Radio/Film and minors in IMM and Music, Jenna has had her fair share of experience in the professional film scene. She has directed, shot, and edited short narratives, music videos, and a short documentary. She has also worked as a camera operator, camera assistant, and production assistant on large scale documentaries and as an intern on a large scale narrative feature SINISTER starring Ethan Hawke. Jenna's films have been screened in NY, NJ, and PA in the NewFilmmakers of New York Festival, the Garden State Film Festival, the Manalapan Independent Film Festival, the Rumschpringe Short Film Festival, the Phenom Film Festival, and the Kidz Filmz Festival.

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