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Melbourne, Australia

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I’m a freelance video producer and filmmaker with experience in producing, filming, directing, editing and coordinating post production services for film, media, arts and music.

Four of my short films have been accepted into Festivals in Australia and the U.S. including Tropfest New York 2012, where my film ‘Elevator’ won an award for Best Actress.

My community involvement includes producing, directing and editing weekly shows, developing and managing video content and strategy, and covering live community events for Channel 31 and Casey radio. I acted as Vice President of The Cambodian Broadcasting Network from 2012 to 2014.

I enjoy discovering new worlds, as I was privileged to do recently when I produced, directed and edited a short film about homelessness.

It’s the challenge of creating engaging visual content with relevant dialogue that drives me as a film maker. As an artistic person, I embrace all styles and genres of art and film and am fortunate to have the ability to connect with people from various walks of life.

I currently work as a freelance web designer, creating profiles for professionals, artists, writers and musicians.

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