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Jennifer Stock (b. 1980, Indianapolis) is an audiovisual artist, writer, and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. Her audiovisual work centers around illusionistic landscapes and environments, "transform[ing] nearly recognizable figures into dancing geometrical patterns and ghostly apparitions." (Steve Smith, New York Times) Her installations and live performances combine instrumental music, video, and field recordings via custom-designed software. She has performed and presented work at the White Box Gallery, Chelsea Art Museum, Joe's Pub, Galapagos Arts Space, Merkin Hall, the River to River Festival, and TEDxCMU. In 2011 she received a grant from the Jerome Foundation to research outsider architecture. Jennifer received a B.A. in Music and English from Yale in 2003, where she received the 2001 Cole Porter Fellowship for Music and Theater. She is currently a Chancellor's Fellow at the CUNY Graduate Center.

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