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Los Angeles, CA

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I've been working as a television editor for over 16 years, on shows such as Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, America's Got Talent, and many others. I'm excited about the future of web shows, and eager to help web series producers make their shows successful.

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  • TiltTV - TiltTV Producers is a one-of-a-kind community rich with resources to help web series producers connect with other professionals, coordinate sharing across social media, build bigger audiences and monetize their shows.
  • Tumblr - My Tumblr blog of the best web series I've discovered on the net.
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  1. Techstars
  2. Bevan B. Bell
  3. Sea Dragons
  4. Markwood Films
  5. Michael Morgan
  6. Detour Entertainment, LLC.
  7. Honey Toad
  8. Paul Joseph
  9. Where the Bears Are
  10. Web Cereal
  11. XSEED Design and Production
  12. The Unemployed Mind
  13. SeaDog Productions
  14. Rock Bottom Productions
  15. AmericanMD
  16. Super Chill

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