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Interested in photography and filmmaking since childhood, Jens Bogehegn has been shooting short movies starting on Super 8 since 1978. Always with a camera in hand, he easily transitioned into the role of High School Yearbook and Newspaper Photographer. After attending Drake University in Journalism studies, he then completed his education at Columbia College as a Film Major graduate with a camera internship on “The Untouchables.” Additional film course work at the Main Workshops round out his educational background. Jens has been a professional freelance cameraman since 1985 and has freelanced on numerous projects as a Steadicam owner/operator from 1988 through 1998. As a member of IATSE Local 600, his union credits include: The Untouchables (TV), Waynes World II, U.S. Marshals, and his independent credits include: The Oprah Winfrey Show, Watch It, Cosmic Voyage (IMAX). See the IMBD for a detailed listing on additional credits and projects.

Having worked with Steve Weiss as his DP/Cameraman since 1988, Jens was the DP on over 400 productions together with Steve in the corporate/commercial & political space. Jens and Steve became partners in Zacuto films in 2000, starting out as a production house, Zacuto evolved into a rental facility and next became a manufacturer of custom camera support accessories in 2005 under the Zacuto USA brand. With shooting experience of over 24 years, his background and hands-on experience make him an excellent source of inspiration and he offers a unique approach to innovative product design. Now in 2009 with Zacuto Films, Jens and Steve have come full circle and are once again in full production mode, but this time with an amazing array of their own creative content with webisodic series programming: FilmFellas and critics.

Awards & Honors
Film Festivals: Bronze Star Houston International Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival International Winners (2), Chicago Film Festival International Certificate, NY Film Festival Winner, AFVA Red Ribbon. Other Awards: Beverage and Food Dynamics:1st & 2nd Prize, Silver Triangle Award, Black Diamond Award for Product Design, Telly Awards: 5 Silver & 4 Bronze.

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