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Jen Sheroky – born 1978 in Wrocław, Poland. He grew up in a rather unique family, parents are scientists and university professors: mother professor of philosophy, father professor of cybernetics. Sister is a theatre actress. The environment in which he grew up had a strong influence on his life and the way he sees the world.
In 1997 he got into the School of Art Photography, where he’s began his professional career regarding still photography creation and a moment later motion.

Jen didn’t graduate from the School, because after the first year of studies in 1998 he got accepted to the legendary Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School – where among the graduates are well-known filmmakers: Roman Polański, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Jerzy Hass, Sławomir Idziak, Andrzej Bartkowiak and Dariusz Wolski.

During the second year of studies Jen made a short film called Po upadku korporacji ( “After the collapse of a large corporation)” which was nominated for the International Film Festival CAMERIMAGE 2000. His work as a director of photography for „Geronimo” documentary, brought him the Grand Prix at the International Mountain Film Festival in Graz, Austria. At that time he became a member of “Moustache Filmnacja”- the vanguard group of filmmakers. The group soon began to flourish and in 2002 received the award at the polish festival SLUMDANCE in the "Greatest new discovery" category. In 2003, his promotional film for Commercial Union entitled Things Happen received a special prize at the Kodak Commercial Film Festival. The commercial, which combines director's fascination with Asian culture with his individual sense of humor, won the second prize in the main competition and the first prize for the best screenplay at the Kodak Commercial Film Festival 2004. His success and unconventional artistic ideas led to the debut in the professional advertising market with the Tymbark commercial, the largest juice manufacturing company in Central and Eastern Europe. The commercial was shot in South Africa. After the success of Tymbark campaign Jen made several commercials for MTV. At that time he ceased cooperation within the “Moustache” group. His next production- commercial for House clothing company gained recognition as one of the most daring. The commercial for McDonald’s was the turning point in Jen’s career. The advertisement with polish Olympians was recognised by the “Media Marketing” magazine and it brought a new quality to the corporation’s image.

In 2008 Jen directed a series of five documentaries entitled „Polish Himalayas”.
Jen wrote a screenplay for the series together with Krzysztof Wielcki - the most prominent polish Himalaya climber alive. He was also the cinematographer and the director for this project. Shooting was taken in extreme conditions in the Nepal Himalayas and the Polish Tatra Mountains. The series received five awards at the following international festivals:

- 9 International Film Festival for Mountains,
Extreme Sports and Adventures
Bansko, Bulgaria 2009
Best film in Alpinism Exploration and Adventure category

- 5 Inkafest Mountain Film
Huaraz, Peru 2009
Best film in Alpinism category

- 26 International Mountaineering Film Festival
Teplice , Czech Republic - 2009
Special Jury Award

-4 International Mountain Film Festival
Domzale, Slovenia 2010
Jury Award

-58 Trento Film Festival
Trento , Italy 2010
Award University of Trento and Innsbruck Student's Prize

Since the beginning of 2008 he worked exclusively for Tango Production (one of the biggest advertising companies in Poland) where he made commercials for the agencies: BBDO, DDB, Euro RSCG, and brands: McDonald's, Pepsi, Lays, Coca Cola and Snickers.

Jen Sheroky directed 30 episodes of the polish version of world-wide known TV series “Ugly Betty” ( Brzydula) which was aired on TVN. The production became a hit and reached a record-breaking audience among TV series in Poland. The series received 3 prestigious awards in polish TV industry “Telekamery”, in the following categories:

• Best TV series adaptation of foreign
• Best Main Actor
• Best Main Actress

In 2009 Jen Sheroky completed the screenplay for his debut feature film entitled Kunoichi and has begun preparations for the movie.

In 2010 Jen has started working on the international, full-length documentary 'TATHAGATA'
Shootings for this epic and ambitious documentary have been carried out at the highest level in various locations, e.g. USA, China, Israel, Greece, UK, Germany, Austria and Poland. The movie is based thoroughly on the author’s original idea. Jen is not only a director and cinematographer, but also the executive producer and editor. He also deals with the image processing and color correction. So far, the movie production has taken more than 100 shooting days, 200 days of post production and 100 days of pre-production. After nearly 5 year of hard work with the movie, the author has produced approximately 30 minutes of the film, which shows his commitment, determination and a great need to achieve the perfect motion picture.
Jen is a wide range filmmaker. He works mainly as a director in the professional market, however, due to his educational background he is also a cinematographer. Moreover he edits and colors his films, write screenplays and more often he is also a producer.

As a commercial director and cinematographer, Jen Sheroky is represented by various production studios and agents around the world, e.g. China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Mexico.

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