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Based in NYC as director/creative director at Imaginary Forces by way of Stuttgart, London, Paris and Los Angeles, Jens has picked up a thing or two about creating commercials, broadcast identity systems, show openers, and environmental pieces as well as an openess to embrace new forms of collaboration and emerging technologies.

As a director / creative director Jens has worked extensively in both advertising and broadcasting designing award winning television packages for ABC, HBO, TCM, CBS Sports, CNN and most recently directing commercial campaigns for Audi, Hyundai, Ford, Jim Beam, Nike, Samsung, Dell, Molson and Hilton Honors.

Originally trained as an art historian & fine artist in London & Paris and graduating with high honors in Graphic Design from Pasadena's Art Center College of Design Jens has worked for notable design firms such as Motion Theory, Yu+Co, Imaginary Forces and Trollback & Co developing projects with a meticulous touch combining illustration, typography and animation with live-action directing.

He has garnered recognition for his work including the BDA/Promax Gold Award for Turner's Classic Movies Studio Open, Design Awards from the Broadcast Designers Association & the Institute of Graphic Arts for Nike Golf's "Butterfly" Spot and been featured in Stash, Graphis Magazine, Print Magazine, Communication Arts and the Applied Arts Magazine.

Creative Direction, Live Action Direction for Advertising & Television, Design Driven Branding & Consultancy

Dolby, Coca-Cola, Audi, Hyundai, Ford, Jim Beam, Nike, Samsung, Dell, Molson, RBK, BMW, Jaguar, Target, AT&T, Microsoft, Olay, Seventh Generation, The Muhammad Ali Foundation as well as broadcast channels such as ABC, HBO, CBS Sports, CNN, TCM and Sundance Channel.

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