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With a few mix tapes and countless singles/remixes being recognized by fans, yet overlooked by major media outlets, it took chance submissions to Grammy Nominated Producer “BANGOUT” (50 Cent’s Disco Inferno, In Da Hood,…) that eventually got Fashion Model Jeremiah Silva shown love. Although people were receptive of his music, he had more hearts and ears to capture and win over. With the goal of letting everyone know that he was creating music not as a hobby but as his passion, besides, rocking the mic, he was on his way to pursue his next dream of becoming an MC. Going into the studio, this time with a music Icon…this young musician spit crazy “sixteen bars,” and BANGOUT along with his management team Taylord2fit Entertainment, were all ready to move forward. Now things couldn’t get any better for him, since Jeremiah linked up with R. Couri Hay, the Society Editor and Columnist for Gotham, Hampton and LA Confidential Magazines. He will be handling Silva’s Public Relations. With Hay’s 25 years of experience and Taylord2fit's Artist Development, Jeremiah will take the Rap Game by storm. As he begins to promote his new single, "In the Spot," Jeremiah will be guaranteed a spot in Society’s limelight for sure as he bestows his newly found passion of Emceeing . With cosigns from Justin Timberlake and DJ Premiere, Jeremiah is on his way.

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