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Los Angeles, CA

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Jeremy Guy is a working Director and Director of Photography.


Jeremy Guy has been a working director and cinematographer since his days studying film at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and later at the University of Southern California (USC), where he earned his Master of Fine Arts. As a filmmaker, Jeremy has sought out films that push the boundaries with challenging stories and that take risks with new visual styles. During his career Jeremy has worked on multiple films that have gone on to success at major film festivals and received distribution deals.

Jeremy's first documentary, Perspectives, followed the homeless and immigrant populations that recycle cans in the college town of Isla Vista, CA. The film was touted as a “perfect little film” by the Santa Barbara Independent and was screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Perspectives won a Corwin Award for the best film made at UCSB that year and went on to place at the Angelus Awards Film Festival and ultimately received an online distribution deal.

Recently, Jeremy was the cinematographer on Weak Species, a short film adapted from the writing of Dennis Cooper, about two teens whose lives spin out of control. The film has won best short film awards at Filmout/San Diego, the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, and the Great Lakes Independent Film Festival, while being an official selection at over thirty other festivals and counting. Jeremy's latest directorial effort, American Patriot, a dark comedy about a man who pretends to have been a New York firefighter on 9/11 to pickup women, is currently being submitted to film festivals internationally.

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