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Sydney, Australia

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“’If they wanted us all to drive at sixty, why the fuck do they put one hundred and eighty on the clock’ (Lemmy). This is the best way i can describe Jeremy Hancock. He has what it takes to make an impossible vision possible. Gloves off.”

Ben Facey, Director of International Marketing & Brand Communications, Universal Music.

Jeremy Hancock is a Sydney based Creative Director / Director. He is a product of counter-culture. His 20-year career is littered with exceptional innovative work and his accomplishments are many as a creative leader. He has an insatiable appetite for pop-culture, he is a passionate surfer and a cowboy of sorts. He is a master craftsman and a free thinker. He is the sharp solution for the energetic brand with a youthful, intelligent & brave approach to ideas and creativity.

Jeremy is Creative Director at Secret Sounds Group.

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