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I'm a multimedia artist, filmmaker and animator living on the island of Martha's Vineyard. I've been playing with moving images for over 20 years. My first opportunity to use a video camera came at age eleven when my father―a commercial harpoon swordfisherman―had me document our 1987 summer voyages, 200 miles offshore.

Following a childhood of commercial fishing, coupled with an obsession for comic books, music and fine art, I attended The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, where I primarily focused on traditional filmmaking and animation techniques, history, and theory (with 16mm cameras, reel-to-reel recorders, flatbed editing tables and so on). This base cinematic language, coupled with an ongoing interest in improvisational jazz, electronic and minimalist music, led me into a playful relationship with music production, sound design and more recently, motion graphics.

I'm currently working as a "remote" freelance motion designer and continue to create films & music from my home on The Vineyard.

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