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As you've probably guessed so far, I am an ANIMATOR and a PHOTOGRAPHER.

Animation allows me to breath life into lifeless objects. I tell stories and sculpt emotion by posing and creating movement. It has given me a very keen eye into analyzing the world around me.

Photography draws upon the same discipline by allowing me to capture life. A good portrait photographer needs two important skills - to recognize special moments and react within a split second to capture it, as well as to help recreate, when needed, peak moments that may be too difficult to capture.

Being a photographer makes me a better animator. And being an animator drives me to be a better photographer.

Feel free to browse through my galleries below...

External Links

  • - This is certainly a good place to start exploring. The rabbit hole goes quite deep if you've got time and a lot of curiosity.
  • - Photography - A gallery of some of my portrait photography.
  • - Instagram - iPhone only gallery. One of my latest passions. Fine art photography using only a smart phone.
  • - Animation gallery - Many of these videos are now on vimeo, but for the super curious...
  • - Old website - An archive of my original digital art website. Mostly VFX work from (1996-2000)


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