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Frankfurt am Main

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After graduating at the School of Fine Arts in Nancy and post-graduating from the National Atelier for Typographic Research in Nancy, Jérôme Knebusch (1978) continued research with a DAAD grant at the University of Fine Arts Offenbach am Main.

His work, commissioned work, research and pedagogic activities are conducted at the interfaces of art, design and daily life. He endeavours to treat each project as a new research field.

As an independent graphic and type designer he receives commissioned work in editorial design [books, pamphlets, catalogues] and identity design [visual identities, signage, signs, logos, type design] with a special focus on typography.

He has led workshops, given lectures and taken part in exhibitions in France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lithuania and New Zealand. He teaches at the Lorraine School of Fine Arts, Metz and at National Atelier for Typographic Research, Nancy. He lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

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