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Jerome Kruin is a passionate filmmaker who creates innovative stories through moving pictures. Jerome’s distinct style is a visually stunning rollercoaster ride that is musically charged with a vibrant sense of beauty, color, and composition. His intuitive creative insight and vast knowledge of film history, photography, visual effects, music, and pop culture has allowed him to successfully penetrate a variety of mediums, such as branded short films, music videos, promos, and commercials. Over the years, his flair for energetic, high impact, stylized music videos for Universal Canada, Sony Canada, EMI, Virgin, and Warner Records has reached into the world of advertising, where Jerome has successfully directed several branded spots for Tomb Raider, Adidas, Timex, and Marc Ecko. Jerome maintains the same caliber of standards no matter what genre he works in -- making him one of the most sought after directors in recent years.

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